Welcome to College Success Services, we have worked in conjunction with elected officials, school districts, public policy think tanks, community leaders, nonprofit organizations, and colleges/universities across the country to promote college-going cultures for students and institutions.

CSS Mission

College Success Services (CSS) was founded when Dr. Victor Rios and Jaime Carias, M.P.P. began to reflect on the power that inspiration, motivation, and preparation have on the lives of what we like to call “at-promise” youth…

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CSS Promise

College Success Services strives to provide the best quality educational services to clients across the country and internationally. We strive to develop highly motivational, evidence-based, and result driven programs for all of our clients…

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CSS Vision

We strive to bring out each and every student and parent’s highest potential regardless of the obstacles they have faced. We coach them on how to create a plan of action to surpass obstacles they will encounter in the future…

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