Our Mission

To support at-promise youth and parents to carefully draw a blue print for their future stories of success.

College Success Services (CSS), an educational consulting firm, was founded when Dr. Victor Rios and Jaime Carias, M.P.P. began to reflect on the power that inspiration, motivation, and preparation have on the lives of “at-risk”– or what we like to call “at-promise”—youth and parents. CSS was founded on the principal of serving and empowering communities similar to ones that Victor and Jaime grew up in. CSS strives to further develop the resilience and persistence of youth and parents to achieve success.

With over a decade of combined experience providing and developing evidence-based motivational curriculums for youth and parents, Victor and Jaime created CSS with the goal of expanding their reach and equipping “at-promise” young people and their parents across America with the appropriate tools to achieve educational, social, and personal success. CSS is committed to solving today’s toughest social problems by developing effective, holistic, innovative solutions aimed at meeting client’s needs.

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