Television & Print Appearances

Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) 1st Annual Youth and Parent Summit

CSS in partnership with LACOE Office of Migrant Education deliver the 1st Annual Youth and Parent Summit at Azusa Pacific University in June 2012. Watch CSS educate, inspire, and motivate parents and students on the importance of pursuing higher education. CSS personnel assist at-promse youth and parents carefully draw their personal blueprints to future success.

CNN en Español
Interview with Dr. Rios in Spanish

Dr. Rios inspires young people at a Latino/a leadership conference in Atlanta, Georgia. CNN reports on his work and life story.

Jaime Carias
Professional Motivational Speaker

Jaime Carias inspires, motivates, and educates parents and students about the importance of pursuing a college education. Watch Jaime first-hand highlight the many services he provides to clients.

PBS News Hour
“One Man’s Journey From Gang Member to Academia”

Dr. Rios’ work with at-promise youths is featured on the PBS Newshour.

TED Talk
“From At-Risk to At-Promise”

Dr. Rios discusses the importance of working on the ways in which we label and perceive our children. He argues that we should not label young people as “at-risk” and instead call them “at-promise” because how you label people determines how you will treat them.

Interview for Dalton Conley’s book, You May Ask Yourself
Dr. Rios discussing his idea of the Youth Control Complex

In his book, Punished, he finds that low-income young people are often criminalized before they even have a chance to prove their innocence.

“Gunfire as Conflict Resolution”
March 21, 2012

“Self-defense legislation breeds and fuels a culture of vigilantism and violence. Under these ‘shoot first’ laws, individuals and groups with the proclivity to engage in violent behavior in the name of self defense are basically given legal permission to kill.

Everyday conflicts between citizens, like road rage, neighborly disputes and unwarranted fear or suspicion of other races, may now be resolved with gunfire.”

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“From Gangland to the Ivory Tower”
July 29, 2011

“As a boy in East Oakland, Victor Rios did the time: the gang, the juvy hall, the car thefts and fights.And there were a lot of cops. The interactions were almost universally negative, and the former gang member describes a culture of mutually assured destruction.

Now, with a Berkeley Ph.D., Rios is still in the same old hood analyzing how young black and Latino young men are socially criminalized, in a swift pipeline from street to prison…”

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“A Sociologist Returns to the Mean Streets of His Youth”
July 17, 2011

“The police officer who threatened to arrest Victor M. Rios for conspiracy would have been hard-pressed to make a charge stick. At the time, all Rios was doing was hanging out with teenagers on some of the country’s toughest streets, in Oakland, Calif.

As a doctoral candidate in ethnic studies at the University of California at Berkeley, Rios spent three years shadowing 40…”

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“SB Event Stresses College Education”
January 28, 2008

“Sociology graduate student Chris Bickel said he has seen many of his friends disappear from his life.

Speaking at the second annual “From the Barrio to Academia” conference to local high school students on Saturday, Bickel shared personal stories from his youth, including losing five friends before age 25.

Bickel said the prison system was like a vacuum, sucking up his friends…”

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“Local Teens Get Schooled at Educational Outreach Event”
January 26, 2007

“When fourth-year sociology and education major Jaime Carias goes home to South Central Los Angeles, he does not swap stories of college with his friends from high school; he plays with their kids.

“Most of my friends from the block I grew up on … are parents with two or three kids, some are drug dealers, and some are not [alive] anymore… I’m the only student,” Carias said. “I go back; it’s kind of shocking.””

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