What are educators saying about CSS?

CSS is highly qualified in terms of their intellectual abilities and stellar academic preparation, but it is their personal experiences they have lived about overcoming the obstacles and making it as professionals that makes them special. Having students and parents see them and having them serve as role models is very important.

When you walk into an audience of 100 students and 100 parents and the kids are sitting at the edge of their seats and parents are very sincerely touched by the message hearing it in the language that they understand tells anyone that it was effective.

  • Guadalupe Mendoza
    Regional Director, Migrant Education Program
    LA County Office of Education (LACOE)

It has been a wonderful day with so much information not only for myself, but for my students, and their parents. The feedback I have gotten has been number 1 across the board.

One thing that I really appreciated and that my students and parents appreciated was the way the information was presented. The stories, the anecdotes, that’s what really touched my heart, that’s what really touched my student’s heart. One of my students, he even said he had to really hold in his emotions to not start crying because he was so moved and that to me speaks volumes.

  • Maria J. Teacher San Gabriel High

We recently invited Mr. Carias to present to a group of parents and also to a group of students at Reef-Sunset Unified School District in Avenal, CA. Jaime relates very well to the diverse audiences with his simple, yet very realistic and engaging storytelling. He immediately makes a connection with his audience and that connection only grows as he takes them on his life’s journey.

Jaime’s passion for motivating others towards their goals of education and life are evident throughout his story. He is a true role model for students, young adults and for parents. Jaime’s communication skills both in English, as well as in Spanish, are superb. Several parents commented how they become emotional in parts of his story, but by the end they were inspired. In my opinion, that’s what we ask of a speaker; to move the audience to the point that they will initiate a positive change in their lives

  • Marcelo Huizar
    Program Specialist
    Tulare County Office of Education

Dr. Rios brings a unique perspective to his work with our Boys and Men of Color (BMoC) Program. Not only does he have a compelling story to share with the boys, he also connects with and impacts their critical thinking by using proven, logical methods of resolving conflicts. He brings the issues the boys are dealing with on a daily basis, home to them.

I am very pleased that Dr. Rios is working with our BMoC students and I hope he can expand his training method into professional development for teacher and educators in public schools. CTA will be utilizing the skills of Victor in future conferences and trainings. School districts should bring him and his mentees to staff, parent, community and student trainings and assemblies.

  • James F. Thrasher, Ed.D.
    Assistant Executive Director
    Human Rights Community Outreach Dept.
    California Teachers Association

On behalf of the Migrant Education Program, I would like to thank you for the awe-inspiring 2-day conference you provided for our migrant families. At the end of the day, both parents and students left with a sense of encouragement and enlightenment. Not only did our families benefit from our presentations, but our staff did as well.

Parents were very welcoming and receptive to the information that was presented. CSS was able to make all of the information relative to their day to day experiences and create a bridge to understanding the behaviors of their teenage children. The experiences you shared were very impressionable. I found that our students were able to make quick connections to their lives and also foresee what may lie ahead for their future. Many of our students cannot see themselves as being successful professionals due to their circumstances. However, your presentation confirmed that they can break any and all barriers in life as long as they stay focused.

  • Myra Sanchez, Coordinator
    Migrant Education Program (Riverside County Office of Education)
    Division of Children & Family Services

Dr. Rios captured the attention and minds of the students that attended the event. His moving and inspirational story presented a deep and moving speech for students to be a part of. His style of presenting is very unique in the fact that his is so personable with the crowd and makes every participant feel welcomed. His words were inspiring to all and very comforting for those that related deeply to his message. At the end of the presentation students had to be cut off from all of the questions they had for Dr. Rios due to time constraints. Dr. Rios also provided his book for sale which was nearly sold out by the time the event was completely over.

For any event that is seeking a motivational, inspiring and overall amazing message I cannot recommend anyone more qualified than Dr. Victor Rios. He knows how to communicate with students at the collegiate level on a personal and relatable level. Some speakers can be very intimidating and unapproachable but this is not the case with Dr. Rios. He welcomed any and all to meet him as he concluded with his presentation. The University of Nevada-Reno could not be happier with his presentation and hope to be lucky enough to have him present in the near future.

  • R.J. Lopez
    Vice President
    Associated Students of the University of Nevada-Reno

Dear Dr. Rios,

I stand in awe of the many great accomplishments you have made throughout your life. As a closing keynote speaker at our training program for new educators who are working with students at-risk in alternative education settings, you shared a common story they have heard from their students, but coupled it with a live demonstration of the potential our children hold. You inspired us to look beyond the cloak of poverty, the cloak of violence, of self-hate and deprivation, to the possibility that our children can and will be active, contributing members of our society.


  • Ronnie Nolan, Ed.D.
    Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children